Author: Fink & Fink

What’s in a vision statement?

Earlier this month I set aside some time to reflect on our Q1 performance (January-March), and I ran into some familiar, nagging, questions: What are we doing? Where are we going? Why do we make games? How do I know what types of games I want to make? Are there other things I should be […]


Welcome to a super-special edition of the blog! Why is it so special? It’s a magical time that only occurs once a year. Today, half of Fink & Fink Games celebrates her birthday. I initially considered writing an entire blog post dedicated solely to Nicole Fink’s many amazing qualities, but soon realized that my public […]

The First Playtest

Last weekend we conducted the first prototype play-test of our next game. We didn’t kick a slam dunk in the end zone yet, but we didn’t expect to. That’s why we play-test. A friend recently commented that bringing a creative endeavor into the world is a lot like giving birth, a metaphor that feels especially […]

What if you didn’t have a boss?

If you could wake up every morning and do whatever you wanted, what would you do? How would you spend your precious time? Would you create something new? Would you relax? Would you spend more time with family?  If you wanted to start a business, would you have the tenacity to hold yourself accountable to […]

Ugh, Accounting.

Starting a business is about passion. It’s about planting a flag in the ground and declaring to the world that right here, in this little spot, is where you’re going to start your empire. It’s about working 25 hours a day, and #hustling, and all that  other stuff that sells on emotion. But… there’s also […]

The Art of Communicating with Artists

You can find today’s post over on the Pine Island Games blog. Click here to head on over. The article features some tips I’ve picked up over the years when working with artists. Here’s one trick you can start using today (if you use Windows): hit “Windows Key + Shift + S” to take screenshots […]

Amazon: Goin’ Deep With Order Item Session Percentage Rates

This week, we’re going deep on everyone’s favorite topic: NUMBERS! More specifically, PERCENTAGES. Most specificalliest, AMAZON ORDER ITEM SESSION PERCENTAGE RATES! Why the hell should an Amazon seller care about the Amazon Order Item Session Percentage Rate? Because it’s a measurement of your conversion rate. Sexy, huh? Let’s say 10 people checked out Marital Bliss […]