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Amazon A/B Testing Quantified How Much I Suck at Improving Conversions (A Case Study).

These days, the majority of our Marital Bliss sales come through Amazon, so I spend a fair bit of time tweaking the landing page and praying to Jeff Bezos to maximize our conversions. (I know, I know, Andy Jassy is the CEO of Amazon now, but what am I supposed to do with my basement […]

4 Tips to Posting on Reddit

This summer I’ve been working on redesign ideas for the next print run of Marital Bliss, and I have been using Reddit to crowdsource some feedback. Reddit can be a great way to gather market insights without breaking the bank. There are so many communities to leverage and great people you can reach. However, there’s […]

The Origin of Type A Personalities

The other day I came across some interesting information about a personality type I’d heard about, but never knew where it originated. You don’t have to work in a corporate environment for very long before you hear a humble-brag that usually starts something like this: “I’m such a Type A, that’s why I… (insert self-promotion […]

Why Aren’t Dominoes More Popular?

I’ve played a lot of games with cards and dice, but dominoes have mostly eluded me. Even with their rise in popularity thanks to YouTube, they are more popular for their capacity to fall over, than they are as a game device. Our family tradition over the Memorial Day weekend is to go on the […]

Starting a Business is Like Fixing a Motorcycle

This post is for anyone who’s dreamed of starting their own business but didn’t know where to start, or doubted their odds of success. I know the feeling. Even with a published game under our belts, there’s so many times I don’t have the answers I’m looking for. It can be overwhelming. Today, I wanted […]

What’s in a vision statement?

Earlier this month I set aside some time to reflect on our Q1 performance (January-March), and I ran into some familiar, nagging, questions: What are we doing? Where are we going? Why do we make games? How do I know what types of games I want to make? Are there other things I should be […]