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Where the Heck is Wall Drug?

I spend a lot of time thinking about Wall Drug. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of driving through the wastelands of South Dakota, you’ve almost certainly seen a sign for Wall Drug. It’s an American tourist trap with all the normal trappings: tchotchkes, mediocre food, and $.05 coffee. But this particular tourist trap sees […]


At the beginning of the June, we reached a huge milestone and sent the files for our next game (The Ultimate Baby Shower Game) off to the printer. That success led into a long weekend camping trip, which then bled into a week-long vacation with extended family, that leaked into a slow recovery week focused […]

Anatomy of an Announcement

I recently watched Videogamedunkey’s “Best of 2022” video embedded below (warning, he knows his way around an f-bomb) and appreciated a masterful little promo/announcement he did at the beginning of the video for his game publishing company and their first game “Animal Well.” Since I’ve also been working on announcements and promotions for our Marital […]

Re-Release Part 4: A Redesign?

Monopoly Man Meets Pip-Boy The original design inspiration for Marital Bliss was a mix of the classic monopoly man, and Pip-Boy cartoons from the Fallout game series. We  always wanted Martial Bliss to have a tongue-in-cheek, kitschy feel to it. Generally, I think when you hear “relationship game” the knee-jerk reaction is an eye-roll and […]

Re-Release Part 3: Inclusivity

This is Part 3 of our series about updating our game Marital Bliss. You can read the other posts here: Part 1 and Part 2. We’re excited to soon be launching a great new version of Marital Bliss with updates to resolve known issues and to broaden the gameplay experience. A large portion of the […]

Re-Release Part 1: Making Marital Bliss more Blissful

After 10 years, it’s finally happening! In 2023 we’ll be releasing a completely overhauled version of Martial Bliss with some much-needed (and often requested) enhancements. It’s an exciting time because the updates are the perfect combination of personal convictions and business needs. You can read Part 2 and Part 3 of this series here. Personal […]

What to do When Amazon Deactivates Your Seller Account

Selling on Amazon is incredible. For small businesses started by independent and entrepreneurial-minded people, Amazon offers unparalleled opportunities. We get nearly complete control over the messaging, promotions, and advertising of our products, and Amazon handles the shipping and logistics for a nominal fee. When it works, it’s astounding. The ease at which anyone in the […]