Our Favorite Reviews #3: Marital Bliss Saved Our Marriage

I have been rummaging through old Marital Bliss game reviews over the last couple weeks, and thought it would be fun to reshare them with a few of my thoughts about what it’s like on the receiving end, as a game creator. You can read part 1 here, and part 2 here.

This week, I wanted to share one of the shortest, but most significant reviews we’ve ever received. It has always stuck with me. It was posted over on our UncommonGoods page, you can see a screenshot below.


Frankly, this review has always been a difficult one for me to process. We made Marital Bliss as a game that we thought couples could use as a fun and simple way to have fun, and maybe spice up the day-to-day routine. To think that our silly game helped someone that we don’t know and will (probably) never meet in such a dramatic way always fills me with a strange mix of pride and unworthiness.

One thing’s for certain, that one review has had an outsized impact on our vision, which you can read all about in my post here. Our goal will always be to create games that are first-and-foremost fun, but that also leave a door open for players to connect in ways they might not be able to do otherwise. It’s a vision that I’m not aware of any other publishers are working towards today, and something that I think we can pursue for years to come.

If you’d like to help us tell others about Martial Bliss, and review the game on your blog or website, drop us an email on our contact us page, and we’d be happy to ship a review copy your way ASAP!

Or, if you already own the game and want an easier way to let others know what you think about it, please consider leaving us a review on Amazon here.

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